Northdrift County | Imporatant Changes

Greetings, everyone.

As I announced last time I was planning to release the first beta of Northdrift County within June. However, you may have noticed that I have not released it due to several reasons.

  • Lots of disorganized parts and models, at the time of creation of my game I wasn’t very organized in Roblox Studio and I realize this is becoming too disorganized.

  • There are lots of hidden and inefficient scripts still existing in the game that I thought I removed, however after several performance tests I have come to a conclusion that there are still several scripts that I simply can’t find.

  • The in-game map of Northdrift County: Extreme Roleplay is very outdated — as well as some buildings — which is the main reason I have not yet released Northdrift County beta to users yet.

Additionally, I am striving to increase my budget so that I don’t have to consistantly tell my current builder(s) what to do, instead if I increase my budget I can do it all in one go therefore the weight is off my shoulders.

So, based on this information, the Northdrift County beta has been delayed by a couple of weeks. But don’t worry, because I am confident this is the right decision in order to move forward for the sake of quality.

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