Obby Pack V2 | By B00PUP


Welcome to Obby Pack V2!

Welcome to our new Obby Pack! We hope you enjoy it.

This game has the following:

  • Admin
  • 14 Obstacles
  • Donation Board
  • Top Donator Overhead Tag (By TwinPlayz)
  • VIP Gamepass Overhead Tag
  • Owner Chat-Tag
  • And much more!

Want to get it?

Download it down below:
ObbyPackV2.rbxl (166.6 KB)


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Wow, really nice GIF at the beginning!

An overall really nice post.

Enjoy the staff liked badge as a thank of your contributions!

Thanks for the Staff Liked badge!

Wow, this is really cool! I like the effort put into this

I just took a look at the rbxl file, these parts are really nice and will 100% help people who are new to developing.

However the blur is way too strong.

Too high:


Just right:

What I changed:

Name Property Status
SunRays N/A Removed
DepthOfField [Realism Mod] N/A Removed
DepthOfField N/A Removed
Blur [Realism Mod] N/A Removed
Bloom N/A Kept
SunRays N/A Kept
ColorCorrection [Realism Mod] N/A Kept
Bloom N/A Kept

What my explorer looks like:


Apart from that this is well made, thank you for helping the community! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback!

I did update it with a few more fixes.

Thanks, @B00PUP

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