Official Roblox account uploading inappropriate audios

As we all know roblox is basically loosing most public audio.

In-order to compromise, they’re hiring a SFX & music company to make 100,000 of copyright-free songs and sound effects to the libary.

This is what the official roblox account has been uploading:

(Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself: (4) Fart Groans 3 (SFX) - Roblox)

It continues to get even worse:


What do I think is happening?

100,000 is a big number, the amount of sounds that can be made is unreal, as the Roblox account is not moderated (for obvious reasons), the audio is probably auto uploaded, as the sound effect is downloaded from the sound effect producer then uploaded.

Therefore no moderation is done to the audios they’re uploaded.

This is pretty bad, especially if you read the descriptions.

Hopefully this is resolved soon.

What are your opinions on this?

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Roblox staff doesn’t care what they upload, when these were uploaded I’m 99% sure they just downloaded them from some random website and uploaded it without even checking the name of the audio asset, nor do they make the best decisions to this day after a lot of dispute over this. Before the main thread about the audio change was closed, they replied with a statement that they “understand the concerns” and all. Meanwhile, they continue to proceed with this plan to make all audio assets private and audio under 6 seconds.

Roblox continues to mindlessly upload audio assets with little care or knowledge, and is literally encouraging people such as young kids who may be developing to participate in the innapropriote behavior on the platform.

(Yes, I’m kind of angry at Roblox right now)

I’m not sure if roblox actually directly knows this is happening, it’s most likely an automated system that’s uploading these audios, I’m sure these audios will be revised soon after they get enough backlash.

Roblox needs to start looking into the future before taking actions; this is becoming a common occurrence.

Like the ToS change, they didn’t consider that in the future people may take that out of context.

Or changing audio, they should have told us months before, but they didn’t consider the future.

Uploading, they didn’t consider future.

When making changes, you should always consider the future.

Like at the time, turning off power for a day might sound like a good idea at the time, then it happens & in the future you pay the consequences.

And look, now they didn’t consider that the SFX producer may have inappropriate named SFX, but they DON’T consider that as being an issue.

Hopefully Roblox can get there act together.

Until then, not much we can do…

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Okay, most of the old audios are gone.

But this is simply crossing the line…

This would be strictly against the roblox tos.

They’re also uploading racist content!?

Kind of unacceptable roblox.

Wow … someone ought to report this to Roblox. They just keep violating their own rules.

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APM Music (the music providers) and Pro SFX (SFX providers) have absolutely little to no moderation at all when someone uploads songs there. The artists could probably name it anything and get no punishment if it’s bad.


Roblox should have workers moderating these audios at ALL TIMES. Hopefully someone reports these audios. I still don’t get why Roblox would even hire a SFX provider like them. I wonder if the SFX provider even saw the Roblox TOS and just thought it was alright for them to upload thoes.

They do actually have moderation with audios, but if it’s being uploaded the actual Roblox account, it won’t be moderated.

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Ah, ok. Makes sence but you would think one of the employees are checking the library and sees that?

In music a lot more things “are allowed”, some people may be wanting sounds like that, but since the Roblox account isn’t moderated the audios go through without any protection put in place. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is audio with inappropriate content within the track.

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There was a inappropriate track in a song but the title wasnt. A few Twitter users found out and Roblox transferred it to an alt and content deleted it three days later

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