Old GFX of mine

So, I made this GFX a while back and I thought I’d ask you all for your opinions. Is there anything that needs improving?

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Hmm … maybe add some lighting? If you’re doing this with Blender then you might want to add a point light with a matching color like orange.

Its great! But maybe you can change the text font to someone thing cool. And, add some lighting.

Take a example at this GFX made by OH20_rbLX

The lighting is perfect, the text is very great and, the position of the avater is perfect.

Maybe you can learn from this GFX.

I am not making fun of your GFX or saying bad stuff. I am just helping you! :smiley:


This is one of my new GFX, the text is corresponding with the theme.

I think it looks great!

Not bad! Now, that is a great GFX

That’s actually cool, good job!

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Looks snazzy! Nice tone and colour shading.

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So this was about a year ago now, I no longer do GFX which is kinda sad as I think I somewhat has potential in myself.

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