Open-Source Better Chat Filter

Mad of Roblox Chat Filter? We too! Im currently working on a better Filter that only removes inapprotive words.

What does it contains?

Supports Standart Chat:
Premium: ✅
Free: ❌

Free Commercional Use outside Chat:
Premium: ✅
Free: ✅

Custom Letter to Replace Moderated Text:
Premium: ✅
Free: ✅

Add/Remove Inapprotive Words:
Premium: ✅
Free: ✅


  • :white_check_mark: = Yes
  • :x: = No/Needs extra Coding

Get it

Sadly, we are currently under Development. As the Free Version says, it will be free. Also the Premium is also going to be Free, but you will need to Contact me to get it. We hope we can give you the Download soon!



Contact me if you have Questions or something else:
This Forum: @RobloxLover123
Discord: RobloxFan123

How to use

There will be an extra Tutorial when or short before i make it public.

Have a nice day!


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