Opinion on my merch

Ok, a long while ago I ordered some clothing from SamWillGoHam.

And she made me some merch.

And its been my clothing on roblox ever since…

What’s your opinion on it?

Cookie Suit Top - Roblox

Cookie Suit Bottom - Roblox

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I think it looks okay but I’m just not a big fan. I’m not into that kind of style but you might be-it is yours so you can do whatever you want with it.

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It’s nice but its just the same cookie texture around with the exception to some lines which signify it’s a suit

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I honestly like it very much. It’s a wonderful merch! :DD

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Appreciate the support, thanks!

Hi! I somehow missed this topic all this time :sweat_smile:

They look pretty great, looks like a true cookie! :cookie:

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