Opinion on Roblox Voice Chat Release

The day has come,

starting today anybody on the platform who is verified 13+ via government assigned identification now has access to the voice chat feature.

It’s now official out, anybody can opt in, no matter your status.

To enable, go to your privacy settings

And enable voice chat.

I wonder how much of a disaster this is going to be.

What do you think is going to come out because of this.

I would love to hear your opinion regarding this!


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Only time can really tell what’s going to happen…

I have a feeling this could be absolute havoc, who knows how many toxic people could be on this, it could be a brilliant project and it would work brilliant, or it might be a horrid project with people screaming down the mics and being annoying, time to find out…

Very disasterous …

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Surprisingly, I can’t find many servers were people are currently using voice chat, how about anyone else?

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Same, I don’t see too many people using it in 3 games I play …

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Best idea ever from roblox hahah I went today and started singing 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed and 3 guys came and singed with me

No, worst idea ever, I just joined a game and people are searing being racist, the age limit should be raised to 16, this is impossible to moderate.

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They should add a feature so you can set it to “Only Friends” that you can chat with on voice chat.

Oh wow really? Racist people? I haven’t seen that. So Yeah If That’s true then they should increase moderation, but Idk How they will do it.

Raise the age limit to 16.

There’s tons of swearing, racism and toxicity, I would recommend it.

They should also add a feature so that voice chat only works with friends.