Opinions on 13+/17+ Games

About This Feature
As you may know, Roblox is planning to add 13+ & 17+ games on Roblox. Developers can set the age, so older players can play Roblox. NOTE: They say it would be only Gore. Not NSFW Content!

My Opinions
My opinions for these features are bad. I think it would be a horrible idea to make these games possible. What do you think?

  • Good idea.
  • Bad idea.

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Heard this no where, probs false.

A friend told me, but as they add verification age and all, it seems it could be real.

It’s probably false, roblox is an all kids platform, so it’s kinda stupid adding 13+ games.

Actually there’s more 13+ players on roblox.

Still, Roblox is a kids platform. It’s stupid adding games for people that are 13+

Mhm, I also think the same.

It is true! Roblox made some announcements about age restrictions for games (might be coming). This topic/question has already been made/answered before, however, in my opinion, it is a horrible idea.

Bad idea in my opinion.

Yeah, kids will ask they parents for their IDs and lie, I’m sure…

Not necessarily, but it would be very annoying if you were forced to verify your age when you dont want to.

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Dude, imagine in the future of roblox. Like games where you can do anything. And I mean, what if they allowed what USED to be MeepCity Parties…


I feel like roblox becoming a “NSFW” game is unlikely, many people who take part in the “bad actions” are normally young children, I see many 17+ just find they would be ruining there child if the contributed to those actions online, nor do I see many 17+ year olds having any urge to take part in “NSFW” activities on roblox.