Opinions on age rated games coming to roblox

Roblox RDC has confirmed that they will be adding age restricted games into roblox.

Most of us by now have noticed this verify age button:


How it works is you click on it, you need to take a picture of both sides of you ID, and then take a selfie of yourself. Then it will automatically check the ID, to make sure its valid and confirm your age.

Now roblox may now use your age that you verified to pick what games you can play.

Does this mean that we could have 13+, 15+, 18+ games coming to roblox?

I think roblox is trying to open to a vaster amount of people, I personally think this is a good thing as they will reach a larger amount of people and Roblox will no longer be considered a “kids game”.

Its also good that the verify my age requires the owner of the ID to take a photo of there face, this will make it more secure to stop children from stealing the parents ID.

I hope that age rated games will really benefit roblox, how do you think this will affect roblox, I would love to hear your opinion!

This would be really bad, because some people do not trust the Age Verification system, and therefore Roblox could potentionally think that you are below 13 and block you from playing most of the good games which are normally not meant for younger people.

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That’s true, roblox could block things like that and roblox moderation will rate games higher then they actually are in most cases in order to stop angry parents. As soon as this is implemented Parents will rely on robloxs ratings for games, and when roblox moderation fails, parents will get mad at roblox.

I think that’s just stupid. Some people have the wrong age on their account, might not have an ID, or might not be comfortable sharing it.

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Its a prediction that they will use IDs, but I think they may, they have announced that age rated games are coming, but haven’t confirmed they will need ID to verify to get into age rated games.

I honestly wouldn’t like that to be implemented. I think it’s better with no games age restriction.

I don’t think +18 games will come. Maybe that for fps games that may be violnet for kids, but no NSFW games.

Yes, but there is a very slim chance that they will not use IDs becuase they implemented the Age Verification system. Roblox may want to use they’re new Age Verification system on other things too rather than just verifying for Spatial Voice.

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That’s what I meant.

The new age verification system uses a government assigned identification.

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