Opinions on Basic Admin Essentials 2.0 Revamp

Hello, I have been working on this project for over a year now on and off perfecting all of the features and I Present to you my modified admin system. (unnamed till release)

Now let’s go over some of the features.

-Less Boatage (BAE 2.0 has extremely bloating code so I modified it a bit and it seems to work better)

-New Frames - Local Music player, Settings UI (more to come)

-A better custom commands system (in the works as we speak but this will clean up the custom commands and make it easier to use while also cleaning up the process)

-New commands - New commands such as Settings, Local music, sticky message, Temp ban, slock excusions (I am open to new commands so please tell me some)

-Better UI (now I have been working on these features for a while but this UI is about 1 year old the UI is the main reason I picked this project back up)

-Anti-exploit integration - now obviously this is an optional feature, but it will contain mostly basic stuff speed, jump, fly etc.

There are more features to come I had only just picked this project up 2 months ago. If you guys have any suggestions for the UI, please let me know I will try to improve it as much as possible it’s not that good considering its 1-year-old I will be revamping it soon though.

My DMS are open if you have any questions.

@Logun I really, need help with a basic admin when you’re done with this panel and you can addinontal promote/demote/!setrank command i will pay you 1,600 robux.
-Username Mo_Alt28-

Logun you can check if it is PhotoShopped by pressing on the “screenshot” and do copy as orignal imgae.

I made this Topic for opinions on my Admin system Not for Commision Requests I am not open to Commisions.

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Alright thanks for the infomation!

@Logun | can you add me on roblox on Mo_Alt28 we can talk about stuff.

Any Questions/Concerns you have you can Dm me on Cookie Tech

No i just, wanna talk about some development stuff on Roblox

@Mo_Alt28 Please use DMs of you want to discuss something unrelated to the topic with the topic creator, thanks!

Looks good! I like the new ui.

It looks amazing, just like Frappe. I’ve been trying to edit my own, but it only comes with the basic admin script, and no main module script. Do you have any recommended models I could use to edit BAE 2.0?

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Custom Commands
Just a quick peek what the new custom commands will look like

return {
	Name = "teleport";
	Aliases = {"tp"};
	Description = "Teleports a player or set of players to one target.";
	Group = "Admin";
	Args = {
			Type = "players";
			Name = "from";
			Description = "The players to teleport";
			Type = "player";
			Name = "to";
			Description = "The player to teleport to"

We will be using the Cmdr Custom Command format

BAE 2.0 Module - Creator Marketplace (roblox.com)

Oh my goodness, thank you so much! You just saved me from probably breaking the BAE 2.0 script.

I just place it in the BAE script right?

no your going to want to edit whatever you want in the module publish it to Roblox save the module ID and replace your Loader ID with your module ID.

ohhh okay tysm! (20c)

I really want that anti-exploit script

I will do it, dm me on discord kieranl29