Opinions on epic new ROBLOX Layered Jackets

Hey! Did you know? ROBLOX™ Just came out with layered clothing this has been a awaited update in the roblox community but now available!


Tell me, whats your opinion on this…?

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:flushed: rick astley is on roblox!!111 Proof

I’ll get a lot of hate, but I’m not a fan of layered clothing.

I have mixed opinions.

Issue is:

  • One group of people wearing 2d clothing with people wearing 3d clothing in a game doesn’t look right, which is an issue roblox will have to try and tackle.
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Not too big of a fan to be honest. This is judt paving the way for the disgusting rthro

I agree with this. Its just a breeding ground for problems

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It just feels a bit strange, how do these exactly fit on a roblox avatar?

There is a problem with layered clothing. In Roblox BedWars, after you are killed my someone (or by anti-cheat, thank god they improved it), your layered clothing is completely displaced and the collar is literally near your avatar’s chest. Hence, it also annoys me while I play.

I only use it when I’m playing roleplay games, other than that I just use my regular costume which has no layered clothing equipped.

As a new feature it will most likely be quite buggy, this never has been used on a large scale

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Some games have gotten to the point where they temporarily disabled layered clothing until Roblox fixes it, notable games include Emergency Response: Liberty County.

Layered clothing doesn’t even import properly into Roblox Studio when using plugins such as Load Character Lite …

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Also, I do not like this as you cannot put on in-game uniforms.


@RealOH20, do you run any Roblox games? Because I see you bring up ER: LC a lot and am wondering if you own it.

He does not own ER:LC?


No, I just bring it up as an example since it’s one of my favorite games on Roblox.