Opinions on Layered Clothing

So Roblox has recently announced Layered Clothing, this means that the clothing will adapt to your body and mend to your avatar.

Here is a demo place (unofficial):

What’s your opinion on 3d clothing coming to roblox & will you use it/learn how to make it?

I would love to hear your opinions on this,


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I’ve heard about layered clothing ever since it was announced.

Personally, I think this is just awesome. You can make any type of clothing possible such as space suits, or even overlap the current avatar with a realistic person design!

I wonder what will happen to the old clothing though… Hopefully they will have some tool to turn 2d clothing into 3d clothing…

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Yeh, I think it’s the outage too.

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I wish! Cause big clothing stores…. Glurp.

I think this topic is really interesting. This may change roblox’s view. It won’t be a simple game anymore, the avatars will be incredible. I hope they add it soon!

It will be so weird though.

The idea is really interesting. However, it will be so weird. I personally dislike layered clothing on Roblox.

How come, what does everyone have to say about it, (you can also enable it on studio right now in the beta panel).

I think Roblox will be keeping 2D clothing, they wouldn’t really want to force people to wear layered clothing if they didn’t want to.

I agree with you, but I think it would be great if I could turn my 2d cookie suit to become a 3d cookie suit.

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You would have to give it a try in blender and see what everyone thinks!

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Yeah, that would be a good idea. But, you’ll need a very specific 3D clothing size as well to fit.

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Roblox states they’re planning on making a guide on it.

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