Opinions on my loading screen

I just made a new loading screen for Cookie Tech’s oncoming game “Antarctica Story”.

Please give me an honest review on the loading screen I’ve been working on.

Loading screen:

Everything is centered, may have got a strange loading angle!

Besides, what is your opinion on this and how can I make it better?

I would love to hear your opinion,

@Noah :cookie:

Easter egg

(We may have another activity competition on Halloween. :eyes: )

(At the end the entire UI zooms to the bottom of the screen).

I think it looks cool but it’s kind of plain. Maybe make a play screen?

I like your idea! But could use a bit of work. Its plain and looks cheap. I recommend using a darker colors. Bright colors like red may bring attention, but this is too bright.

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I don’t think I should have a complicated loading screen though.

Its a low poly game after all.

Like the Adopt Me loading screen is literally just a bar in the centre of your screen that loads and then fades away.

I may change it a bit.

What is everyone’s opinion on this new design?

Very modernized, looks great in my opinion.

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not bad, however it looks like something i could do for free using loading screen plugin

they also have the play screen and stuff tho

But how important is the loading screen, it’s simply something that shows the status of the game.

100% Better! I like it but still kinda plain. Maybe add the games logo to the loading screen?