Opinions on this merch store

Hi Cookie Tech!

So, today I came across an old game I was experimenting with, and I thought, why not let the community decide on how well it looks!

So, I worked on this merch store in about October - November and left the project as the testing was done.


So, what rating would you give this out of ten and how could I improve this?



9/10 Just minor things need sorted.

What would that be? I hope I can fix them tonight!

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Maybe finish the pathway and more scenery maybe some Lowpoly bushes.

I can give that a go, thanks for the feedback!

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Very nice, I may remove the waterpark in the background tho.

Ah, those are some of my custom waterslides I might release paid to the public. Those were also in the testing while I was working on this merch store as this is like a little testing map!


The inside is a bit empty try adding some stuff maybe?

But overall nice design

Love the idea, I will give it a try! Thanks for the feedback!

Too empty, to bright, outside seems a bit plain, maybe try adding shelves, moving the rigs around so that people can walk around the store, also the wood texture is way too big.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll be working on this project again tonight so I’ll apply all these ideas to it and send the final results here!

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