Over 13 Checkbox

As you should know, you need to be over 13 to use the Forum. When you Sign Up there should be a checkbox saying that.

There isn’t a need to have a checkbox. By creating an account, you agree to our terms, meaning you agree that you’re 13 or above.


As cam said above there is no need, however, if you can edit the html and make it look good then we can re-consider. But the issue with having many checkboxes is it makes the UI very cluttered.


This isn’t a good deterrent. A kid could simply make an account, tap the box and boom :exploding_head:

Like Hyra used to be, it’d say “You agree you are over the age of 13” The Group wall was spammed with “Why do I need to be 13”.

It did make a diffrence.

Hyra is possibly larger than this forum.

As it’s big there are obviously gonna be kids saying “why do I need to be over 13?”

Also, let’s say kids just check the box? How would you know if they are under 13 and what would you do?

It doesn’t make sense.

It’s something to make you think over it.

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Honestly. Checkboxes that say youre over 13 wont have a physical affect. It just frees the party of liability if anything on were to happen. Its not supposed to be a deterrent

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