Overhead by shopSmart Technologies

There is a difference between Overhead+ and Overhead

The free version is unobfuscated, but I can’t edit the main post.

PurpleTag isn’t really updated than Overhead.

Delayed to early April

Overhead has been delayed to early April due to the release of Little shopSmart coming up and Klij + NCR Roblox + Livi Roblox + Vocovo Roblox merging with shopSmart Technologies.

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What is “Vocovo”? The Applegate one?

no, this is one by vocovo roblox not by applegate.


I have addressed lots of times that the free version will NO LONGER be obfuscated.

sorry for keeping this reply late, and yes it does have native support for customisation, for the UI that users can use for customising their overheads (after release)

in other news, overhead will be 100% free (both versions); although due to how complex this overhead is, its obfuscated. please note: this doesn’t have ANY blacklists; if there are any viruses inside of it, please contact us. This is the fault of the obfuscator company.

awesome! overhead is coming soon!

Edit: The free features will be unobfuscated, the pro features will be obfuscated. After a bit of thinking, I have decided both versions will be unobfuscated. I still recommend using the Configuration for custom features ect.

This is the current UI.

Overhead PRO has been released.


At the current moment, this won’t automatically update