Overhead by shopSmart Technologies

Overhead by shopSmart

Hey there! I’m @alexxxjg, better known as soft_koala3, today I am announcing Overhead by shopSmart, and yes; this IS coming. We are releasing 2 products, overheadBasic and overheadPRO, the difference between the two are with overheadPRO you have more configuration and custom plugins, with overheadBasic, as the name implies it only has basic features, the overhead itself, icons. overheadBasic is branded by shopSmart, while overheadPRO is only branded for logs.


Overhead starts at free.

OverheadBasic R$0

OverheadPRO R$150

Please note: both versions are obfuscated; althought they are 100% virus free.

Feel free to put some suggestions below!


Be warned: Obfuscating code on Roblox can lead to punishment, be cautious.


Can we see the pro and the basic one

Hey, I understand your concern, but this product isn’t auto updated and is uploaded as a RBXM. We have lots of different things in place to ensure our products aren’t stolen, including openWatson. We use our own custom obfuscator to ensure there are no viruses hidden into it by obfuscation providers. We only have 2 module scripts for, for separate versions.

Cheers, soft_koala3
Founder of shopSmart

Sorry, this is still in development, although you should be able to get a preview in a few weeks!

Cheers, soft_koala3
Founder of shopSmart

As previously mentioned, it is against Roblox TiS to obfuscate scripts and have obfuscated scripts in your game, therefore no one or very little people will use your script so their accounts don’t get banned.

If you obfuscate free versions, they are most likely full of viruses. Also, it is agnaist roblox TOS to use obfuscated scripts.

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What makes this product better than thousands upon thousands of free, open-source nametag models?

In addition, as others have mentioned, this is against Roblox TOS, just assuring us that there are no viruses does not make it any more allowed.

In addition, what is the point of obfuscating a free product? Shouldn’t you allow everyone to edit on as they wish?

And, is this one of your other projects? Where it never happens?


I have been thinking a lot, and we think we should do that.

Their accounts won’t get banned for using obfuscated scripts in their game. Roblox.

It is only against TOS if you publish it to the toolbox.

This is happening, Developer Preview 1 is close to being released.

This product with have Nitro Booster tags built in (the pro version).

Our Admin product will have both the free version and pro version obfuscated as both are really complicated.

Whereas yes, you are technically right that you can’t get your account terminated unless uploaded to tool box, it’s just best not to.

First of all, people are going to want to edit some of the things in it, such as style and such and maybe add things to it. Maybes the free version shouldn’t be obfuscated, and only the premium plus.

Second of all, it’s just better to use a license system for your code so prevent people without a license and game ID to use it. If you need help with you, you can message me on the forum.

I am only saying this stuff to help you, due to the fact that I almost lost my 10 year old account to a scenario almost exactly the same thing

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Please read here:

We use a gamepass whitelisting system.

Please keep in mind that it is still against Roblox TOS to have obfuscated scripts. I recommend removing the obfuscation or facing the possible consequences Roblox could throw in your way. It’s not only if you upload to the toolbox.

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It still contains Viruses for sure if you obfuscate free things

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In addition, what is the point of obfuscating a free product? Shouldn’t you allow everyone to edit on as they wish?

I have been thinking a lot, and we think we should do that.

Developer Preview 1 is getting closer…

I’d advise to be careful around this … Roblox doesn’t always like it when developers decide to obfuscate their code.

Since an overhead isn’t as “complex” as something like, let’s say, HD Admin, there’s no need to obfuscate your code because you’d want to allow players to customize it to their will.

Players installing this have a right to know and read through your code, but obfuscating is contradicting to this.

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I would never recommend obfuscating code no matter what but honestly this product so far is looking like something i could get off of toolbox so i dont think it really warrants the need to be obfuscated this looks just like a similar product that is open sourced called PurpleTag | Overhead Tag - Resources / Community Resources - Developer Forum | Roblox

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Didn’t you already make Overhead+?

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When you upload a model to Roblox it says that obfuscated code can be subject to punishment so you’re 100% clean on this.

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Hey, to add on to the topic of this; I would definitely use this.

My only question is, can it be customised? Because I am working on a system that has custom decals on top for my game but I might just use this.

However, just a reminder that you could get banned for obfuscation.