OverheadPro | The new Overhead system

Welcome to OverheadPro!

OverheadPro, a system developed by me, and available for sale, is a lightweight overhead system.

Current features include:
Prebuilt Tags(Shift Host, Host, Trainer, HR, SHR, Developer, Owner) and your able to make more!
Rainbow Tag
Rainbow Rank and name

Has name and rank overrides

what more do I write

Idk how to write this stuff. Heres a screenshot!

I am looking for suggestions - let me know what would be cool to add!

Could we have more information and detail about OverheadPro?

Hi, I made an overhead called OverheadPro just a few weeks ago, could you change the name so people don’t become confused?

Also, this looks like a very low quality product.

Hi! I didn’t realise you had released one named OverheadPro, my bad.

Its not low quality per say, as I do have lots of external API integration, primarily with discord and server boosting put into it.

I mainly dont show it as it’s not the most polished of things.

It doesn’t seem low-quality … looks somewhat properly designed. I’m sure there are other background features as well.

Yeah, I’m working on fixing nitro tags, I may cut them considering the backend work. Asides from that, yeah. There is background features, such as being able to change the way the tags work(rainbow ect.), AFK detection, and so on. I dont mention them yet as their not working greatly.

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It is very good, I really don’t know what you’re talking about…

Your’s doesnt even look good.
Dont just go round commenting on other peoples posts.


I never bothered to look at his yeah he can’t be saying mine is bad with this.


Your product doesn’t even look that great. Don’t just go disrespect new creators for their products/creations.


Please quit going across multiple different platforms to try and say my developer stole your Bakery. I watched him make it since the finest part. When i asked you if you had the build, you said and I quote “I cant find it”. It is not yours, so respectfully, quit.

Where can you find it on roblox?

Wonderful, keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see the final product.

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Welcome! Also thank you for the support!

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No problem, I love to see developers make great things!

Yo, if you’re going to say it looks like a low quality product, at least leave meaningful criticism. Also, if you are worried about having competition, that’s a good thing. Without competition, there would be no innovation.

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This isnt too old but this is pretty old and I havent read the replies yet but looking at this, all that needs work is the actual design of the UI other than that it doesent look too bad!