People are getting VC banned for not even using VC

Roblox has recently been banning people from VC who have never ever used VC.

Many people are getting these terminations just because they have voice enabled, not because they’ve been speaking, and I believe this is once down to Roblox’s terrible moderation team.

I believe that because they have to do a force amount of quota, they may not be properly reviewing voice recordings, which leads them to take these quick shortcuts.

People are even getting warned to disable the voice chat feature, so that’ you don’t get banned.

If you remember this, yes, it still hasn’t been fixed.

I think Roblox should be fixing this as soon as possible, as this may start to become a serious issue for many.

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This is quite concerning, and it just shows how garbage Roblox’s moderation continues to be to this day in every way possible.

Let’s say I had voice chat enabled, like all those innocent players out there, does that give Roblox the right-of-way to temporarily ban you from voice chat? Of course not! They need to improve now, because they’re just making it worse on themselves despite extreme criticism from literally everyone on Roblox for years.

WHAT! HOW? This is totally unfair. Roblox should be able to listen to the few seconds leading up to the report and after it… Right?

They should, but apparently whoever is in charge of moderation couldn’t care less.

It’s not they don’t care, it’s outsourced to somewhere the moderators don’t even know who they’re moderating for and they have to complete a certain quota in a set amount of time

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