Per player blur

is there any way to put a blur on one player only? kinda like when you open a GUI it enables the blur

Local scripts, try those.

yes but like what would it be? game.players.localplayer then what

Something like:

local Blur ="BlurEffect")
Blur.Size = 24
Blur.Parent = game.Lighting 

Inside of a local script?

but like this is for a plugin in BA so would it still be the same?

I think so, there is only one way to see.

nah didnt work sorry any other way? @cookie

How come, anything in logs or something else?

But this script is going to create a “BlurEffect” inside of “Lighting,” it’s not going to do anything other than that. I believe you should add a line where the blur is applied when the script detects a frame is visible, or when a button is pressed.

basicly what happens is that the blur goes on everyones screen

That means it’s not a locascript.

arent ba commands local scripts?

No, BA Commands are ModuleScripts.

Another approach you could try is sending a request to a remote event for a specific player and then using a local script to insert the blur. Why do you exactly need the blur?

ohh thanks (20 char)

the blur is for a GUI so like the background is blurred

Can you show me a picture of the GUI?

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