Pet Sim X potentially breaking TOS?

I was scrolling down through Twitter and found this by BIG Games

Instead of it being on their regular store, it is being sold as a pre-order on the Target website

Is this breaking the Roblox TOS as items being given physically for real money in return of a in-game chest?

Is BIG Games violating the Roblox TOS?
  • Yes
  • No

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Waiting for your replies,


I think this is a clone of the Roblox toy set, as they have a toy, accessories (on some sets) and a virtual code to get an item.

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I feel like ROBLOX would need to give Pet Sim X permission before doing that. Yes I get their a big game and wanting to get bigger but they need to be aware of what they are doing first.

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They’ve done this with NFTS before, and no punishment was issued. So why is this different?

Countless games have done this, such as Soros, who released an Amazon “toy pack” which included unregulated roblox toys, and soros codes, and they advertise this in their games.

Roblox does this themselves, too. With “toy codes” but, this is against the TOU.

Pet Simulator is violating the TOU, but it’s not really that enforced.

The whole point of Big Games is to get your money. Like seriously, preston makes it.

Punishment might be taken on Target, for selling unregulated toys, however.


Adding on to that:

In the UK it is the law to display your chances of winning.

Additionally, this is promoting gambling to minors, which SHOULD NOT be promoted to that audience.


Also under the Roblox TOU and this article,

You must state the chances of getting an item.

It doesn’t state on the tweet (it is not on the Target website yet) or other sources that say what pet/items will you get if you buy it.

I think they are copying the Roblox toy line and want to profit from it (since lots are being sold, and they get more attention to the game)

I think the plushies are also non-compliant with fire safety rules in the US and UK (but I don’t think they will be sold outside the USA in retail). There’s no documentation showing that the plushies have passed fire safety.

(Yes, I know it’s just a plushies but if it’s still made from wool or cotton or flammable material, it is law in the US and UK to add labels and documentation showing that it passed safety.)

Many big companies on Roblox are selling their real items in stores and even on amazon in exchange for in-game items, and they are still up. Rolve has done this before with their Amazon Prime partner.

I don’t believe they are. They’re offering a physical item and an in-game item, it could be considered a free item.

As Roblox YouTuber KreekCraft stated in a video, Roblox developers are not allowed to create their own “toy line” meaning that the game and/or the developer must be selling Roblox-certified products.

Pet Simulator X is violating the Roblox Terms of Service. Assuming Roblox is too hesitant to take down the game, due to its high revenue, they will likely send them off with a light warning.

It doesn’t seem right … just because Pet Simulator X and BIG Games has a high influence within the developer community, that should not by any means to convince Roblox to give them lighter warnings because of just how popular the game is.

Are you sure this is the official Pet Simulator X?

However it is against the roblox ToS if you have to go off-site for something, if they’re using the social links tab & you don’t get any codes from purchasing an item I think it should be okay.

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It is produced somewhere in America for an in-game item code, so nothing is breaking the ToS.
Many companies do it.

This doesn’t mean something is okay.

Our Terms of Service and Community Standards exist for the safety and wellbeing of all users.

When off-platform transactions occur that are tied to on-platform items or experiences, it is impossible for us to monitor the details of that event and it blocks our ability to validate or mediate any claims. Moreover, it can also violate the terms of our app store partners. In some scenarios, it can be okay to give away something off-platform (such as over social media) for free as part of community-building efforts.

To clarify this, we have updated the Roblox Economy section of the Community Standards to be even more explicit about what is not allowed.

This message serves as notice of the policy clarification. We are reviewing existing violations and may provide developers an opportunity to bring some concerning transactions into compliance.



Roblox’s Terms of Services apply anywhere regardless of which country you’re playing in. As I stated before, Roblox developers are not allowed to create their own “toy line” without authorization and non-certified with Roblox themselves.

Yes. Roblox Youtuber KreekCraft created a video earlier relating to this issue. (see here)

Yup, the tweet can be found here

You get a code for a chest or random DLC in the game. They also promoted it to twitter and you can’t purchase stuff through the Social Links tab (expect for Amazon)

I think they might be breaking it since
A) They are promoting gambling to minors (by making them buy more of the same product for more pets and items from the DLC)

and that

B) They are doing it offsite (retail and online at Target’s website), which could create some problems

Target aren’t partnered with Roblox, so it’s breaking nothing.
It doesn’t teach to gamble money, it is giving them in-rewards, which then the money that people are using to buy these go straight to target, and only a small percentage go to BIG Games.

Roblox’s Terms of Service clearly states that developers are not allowed to use third-parties to sell products, either directly or as a bundle.

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Don’t get me wrong, but why have Badimo, and ROLVe been selling stuff off-platform? If I remember rightly, ROLVe have been using Amazon Prime to get people buy that, in order to get an in-game code for arsenal?
If this is okay for ROLVe to do this, other companies can clearly do it.

To my knowledge if roblox specifies they may do it then it’s okay, Badimo and ROLVe have been publicly partnered and approved by roblox, not pet sim x, however roblox wouldn’t easily take down a game that gives them so much money, I am sure they will be trying to partner them.

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