Pet Simulator X has become private

Pet Simulator X has become private, Any thoughts?
I was a bit late to this, but Pet sim X has been down since 2022-02-12T16:00:00Z. The reason why it became private is that if you bought anything with Robux you would not get anything from it. Do you have any thoughts?

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Interesting, I suppose they closed it due to the outage, You’re right in saying that they probably closed it as they don’t want people not getting things if they purchase things.

I don’t know if Adopt-Me or other games similar have done that.

At the moment roblox is working, but here in the UK we don’t have the NFL, so I guess our UK servers are holding up!

I don’t know how bad the situation is in the USA.

I saw this twitter post by the official big games account:


It seems to confirm on what you said.

Hopefully this well get resolved as games keep loosing money evetime they loose.

This must also be an issue with place teleports, since Roblox bedwars server teleporation was going nuts and it didn’t work in another roleplay game that I play often. Other than that, though, everything seems okay on my end.

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I guess the API’s are getting stressed.

The NFL event may be using those endpoints.

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I think the game should be back up now, the issue was resolved a while ago:


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It would have been closed for you at 4:00PM, since it was globally was private, you would have only been able to play it when the game is was set public by the developers.