Pet simulator X was deleted

Around an hour and a half ago KreekCraft, a famous roblox YouTuber made a stream going over how pet simulator x, a well known game on roblox got content deleted.


Once again another case of roblox moderation completely failing us. The creators of “BIG games simulators” are normally very reliable and have secure accounts.

This is why we we’re all shocked when the game got Content Deleted out of the blue.

The main developer “Preston” made a public response about this deletion on discord:


Here we can see how Preston also has no idea what is going on, keep in mind ever minute that his game is in the “deleted” stage he is loosing money.

Some people believe that as Big Games are selling some merch that comes with a code that technically bypasses roblox ToS as you can’t link to off-site platforms, I think this should be in-fact supported by roblox, as it boosts activity for the game, which benefits roblox and the creator.

But nobody quite knows what the true cause of the deletion was.

Also there is a chance that Big Games is breaking the law (without realising)

In pet simulator x when your purchase the eggs it has a :grey_question: over the egg, meaning you have no idea what you get. In the EU it is a law that the “loot boxes” show the percentages of what can be won inside of the box, but once again who knows what happened.

At the current time or writing this pet simulator x is now out.

This mean it was probably a faulty moderation check.

However, when people point these things out, it makes you really consider if roblox moderation are thinking when it comes to these deletions.

I would love to hear your opinion on this topic & what you think should happen to Pet Sim X!


I was watching this stream for a bit as well, it’s pretty weird but not too surprising that the game was temporarily replaced with the default Roblox starting place game and labeled as “Content Deleted.” After all, they did run into some serious problems last year as well.

The game wasn’t completely deleted, though. Only the map was reset to default as well as the game name.

The amount of times this game get’s deleted due to Roblox Moderation. The users from the game must have some hard thoughts on this because they could feel they have lost all their progress and no longer have it or the users that have spent robux on the game and them feeling like they have now wasted it.

It seems it’s already back, I just searched it up and it’s there. There’s many fake versions, one with almost 400 players.


Wow, these games make a lot of money too…

400 players can count up to a lot of money…

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Yeah, Im surprised. It’s literally true, they might be making 10k-15k+ per month with that amount of players. Or even more.

Way way more then that.

It’s crazy how much these games can make.


Having players on an uncopylocked game is bad, making revenue off a stolen game is literally bad due to DMCA reasons and all the hard work the developers have put into the game.

Oh, so do these “fake” games uncopylock the games, so that they somehow don’t get DMCA takedowns?

The amount of times I’ve tried to get stolen assets taken down that belong to me, Roblox have been terrible assisting me and nothing has happened to my stolen assets.


Yeah, they make billions of Robux. At the least they will make a few millions. I always wondered how much real money you can get in one day if you earn a lot of Robux daily :thinking:

With big games now emerging on the Roblox platform, developers like DreamCraft could be making up to well over 500k a day, so with DevEx rates we are looking at a couple of thousands USD, or even more. Correct me if I’m wrong :man_shrugging:

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Luckily, though, I still have a screenshot of the game page when the name was set to content deleted! :wink:

Why do you think Pet Simulator X got Content Deleted?
  • Bad Moderation
  • Broke TOS
  • Other

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With no offence, Roblox moderation is trash it’s full of 18 recently hired kids who ban whoever they want and delete giant games if someone reports it without even reviewing it

Having past experience is always good before applying for a moderation job. Roblox won’t look at your past experience, they will only look at your grades.

Well actually, if you go to the Roblox jobs web all jobs require 2+ years of last experience. I tried looking for the Moderator role but it doesn’t exist. How do people work in Moderation at Roblox???

All departments within Roblox have a Moderator position, so they will moderate within the platform. Developer Relations will probably moderate what goes on the toolbox and what we publish to be what we play today.

Yeah. I’m interested in working in Roblox in a maybe future, what’s the role for moderation? I mean moderating chat reports/user reports and ban/temp an/terminate/warn accounts.

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I believe every school would also do that, the grades show that you’ve done well in a specific skill.