PMs in Logs BAE

:wave: Hey Cookie Tech!

How would I be able to allow PMs to be in BAE Logs on a Reply?

You will need to customize the main module, I’m not sure how the logging system works but I can take a look into the source.

If you could send me a rblx of BAE here that would be great.

Alright, i’ll go ahead and send it in DMs on Discord.

Can you send them here, I just need the generic BAE as I can’t find it on toolbox.

MainModule.rbxm (539.0 KB)

Thanks, I’ll take a look into it tommorow, it’s late in my timezone

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Adonis has :scriptlogs and you can see when a user replys to a pm and what they say, maybe you could take a look at the code.

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Adonis doesn’t have the same API,

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