Points - Final roundup - Who Will Win!?

It’s the final countdown, we’re now going to give out the reward to the winner, I can’t wait to tell you who won!

Watch the stream as we announce: Cookie Tech | 2022 Summer Activity Competition - Who will win the R$2500? - YouTube

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We’re going to announce the winner in 2 minutes.

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its been 3 minutes cookie

I would like to congratulate is…

Expose winner


This is the first time, somebody has won twice in activity competition, next activity competition @oh20 won’t be able to complete, thanks for playing everybody, I will be sending the code to him I will send some evidence later!

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les go im in the stream

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Thanks a lot, @Noah!

I’ve replied to your DM … a short break from an activity competition would be nice! :beach_umbrella:

Also, a general congratulations to everyone who joined in the activity competition! You all worked very hard. :confetti_ball:

Congrats, here is the evidence:

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