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Greetings, Cookie Tech community. A few weeks ago I announced our new Admin & Group Management system, portaLITE. Now, me and my team are buzzing to share some more information on this, so why not take a look at this?

Here at portaLITE, we are truly dedicated towards our community. So, let’s meet the team behind it all, the people that truly are outstanding.

pfp @yelnatsz - Creative Lead & Public Relations

pfp @justhimnoah - System Management & Tester

We work effortlessly on this project so that you can enjoy it, so all we ask from you is your support.

Now you’ve met the team, why not learn more about the company.

Here at portaLITE, we believe that anyone can do anyhting; as long as they put there mind to it .

At the moment, we are working on portaLITE (our basic admin service), portaPRO (our small-group admin and management system) and finally, portaCORP; the system that is designed for larger-groups.

Of course; this is just a vison, it’s not going to happen overnight.So let’s all come together and welcome portaLITE.

Are you looking to partnership, or integrate one of your systems intro ours? That’s amazing! To do this, simply reply to this post or DM us on the forums, Then we can take things further.

Thanks for reading this short post about portaLITE development As this is our development logs, you will be able to see all of our updates. When the product is released, you will be able to see that here.


When will it be released?
At this time, we don’t have a exact release date for portaLITE, so keep an eye out! :eyes:

Can we see your progress on the system?
Yes you can, we will actively post images on the ‘reply’ section to this topic.

portaLITE 2024

Seems like your tables a bit wrong.

  • BAE 2.0 Isnt rounded
  • Command Customisation is already in BAE 2.0
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Seems like you forgot the button to close the List.

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No… There is a button in the corner, that says ‘open panel’ and close.

Kk I’ll add that, and BAE can be rounded…

I dont see one all I see is refresh and search.

Because it’s a snipit?

This comes off as a BAE ripoff in my opinion, if I’m being completely honest.

The UI is very similar.


The hate is real. :skull: I think its looking great, while it can be a little less rounded. It is going good so far! I would change the font to be coherent with the icons or vise versa, and the bottom pfp can be removed.
When displaying staff members then the user pfp can be displayed, it just doesn’t look good at the bottom.

This thing looks epic bro!

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Thanks so much! We are actively working on this and will keep everyone updated!

Important Update

Whilst we would love to keep making this product, we have had to stop development for now. Don’t fret- we will be back very soon!

In addition to this, portaLITE will under go some TLC and rebranding! We will notify you when this is complete.

Alright thank you bro you making this is such hard work and the whole thing is awsome thank you for working on this I will be using it once it’s completed!

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Thanks, following this announcement I will just share a screenshot of what it looks like before we postpone development…


Makes a change, I’m used to this project being hated, haha.