Powerpoint vs Google Slides | Opinions?

Hi guys, if you have used any presentation software for any purpose, whether it’s school or work related, you most likely know about Microsoft Powerpoint and Google Slides. Maybe you’ve tested them both, and in general, which one do you prefer more?

  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Google Slides

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Personally, I love both, but overall for the ease of access would be Google Slides. I like Powerpoint because it is more powerful but at the same time, harder to use. What do you guys think?

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PowerPoint is more professional for business, but for class I use Keynote and Google Slides.

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Oh yeah, I forgot about Keynote, I used it last year.


What do you mean? On school???

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Yesh, PowerPoint is more professional!

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Yes, my school allows me to use Microsoft and Google services and products.

To be more clear, I believe most schools pay for these services.

Sorry to bump this.

My school only pays for Office, so that’s the only one I use, never really used Slides.

That’s pretty good!

Microsoft Office isn’t too bad, I just think the UI could be improved more.

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PowerPoints better. You can add like animations and stuff.
I think google slides is just a free option with less stuff.