Profile GFXs - Opinions & Ratings

Hey everyone!

Most of you have probably seen that I’ve been using the same profile picture for a while, so I decided to make a few new ones! I planned to change my profile picture GFX a few months back, but I didn’t realize until now that the errors I had were just visual issues and rendering the GFX worked just fine.

I created three different GFXs that I want as my potential new profile picture. However, I want you guys to vote — as well as provide opinions — on which GFX will probably become my new profile GFX!




Remember, whatever GFX wins most of the votes will become my new profile picture for the months to come! Don’t forget, you can also post some feedback about my designs I made today if you believe something could be improved!

Profile GFX - Poll
  • GFX 1
  • GFX 2
  • GFX 3

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(Poll closes June 21st, 2022. Majority votes on one of these GFXs doesn’t guarantee that I will use it for certain. I will cast my GFX vote later on.)

I’m really looking forward to your feedback and opinions! :heart:

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These are AMAZING!! Great GFX work!

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Really good work, GFX5 is my favourite as the lighting just really seems to snap in it, the background also looks basic, but I love the simplicity of it.

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