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Hey I’m Kokoo, or Hayman and this is my profile / portofolio. Hope you enjoy it ^^.

About Me

I’m a french full-stack developper, not a proffesional (yet :cold_sweat:). I’m currently learning LuaU and C#. I’m already quite experience with LuaU and HTLM. I’m also a french translator for some game and projects.


Sev-Connect (School Project)

I have made a messaging and file sharing systems for my friends and classmates. This was a cool project and I’m really happy it succeeded. Even though only like 30-40 people use it weekly.

It took me some time to figure out how to make the chat system, (that you can access if you have a manually aproved account).

Even though I’m the “original creator”, I don’t often update this website. I only update it for critical bugs and issues. I also used this domain for an undercover web proxy test. :heart:

Thurrock Hospital

Thurrock Hospital is a privately owned roblox hospital “role play community”. I made them their V1 and V2 of their maps. I’m also so so grateful for cookie tech and their check-in system. Saved me so much time to make a whitelist system for the waiting room.

NOTE : The PC you see on the reception, has a surface GUI that’s litteraly a copy of the one in Maple Hospital. Didn’t make it, he just told me to use it (the owner).

Here are some screenshots :

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love the work, great job on the Sev-Connect project, just checked it out and everything looks interesting about it !! might consider hiring/working with you one day, depending on my projects’ needs. goodluck with the rest of your projects in the mean-time

french translation for your ease

j’adore le travail, excellent travail sur le projet Sev-Connect, je viens de le vérifier et tout a l’air intéressant !! je pourrais envisager de vous embaucher/de travailler avec vous un jour, en fonction des besoins de mes projets. en attendant, bonne chance pour le reste de tes projets

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