Promote and Demote commands

I don’t know why but they alway say Uh-Oh there was a problem to promote the User. PLease HELP!!!

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@Jassim_Doudou Ok, so did you add the api key? if so, this you put in the group id?

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Make sure you print the output.

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And heroku logs too.

The way I fixed it was I accidentally logged back into the bot account so the cookie updated. If you try and get the cookie again and then paste it back into the fields on Github and in Studio it may work.

You mean the cookie?

Guys, the API key, is MADE by you.

The COOKIE, is for the bot.

Alright, since people still can’t fix it, I will be asking you to send me your github link, your group your heroku link and your game files, to me via Dm. @Noah please.

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