Promote/Demote Commands not working

Hi, where I run the command it says that it has promoted them but they stay at that rank. How do I fix this?
Thanks! <3

Ensure that HTTP requests are on, and check your Heroku logs.

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Http requests should be on

I’ll send you guys a photo of what happens when I do it in my logs

Thats my logs.

Even when they’re not in the group it says they’ve been promoted.

Handle that with a if is in group.

Does it actually work if they are within the group.

It does work for me, so I still think you have done something incredibly wrong.

I might. Want me to send you the game file?

Not currently, I don’t want to spend the rest of the year in scripting support.

Oh okay, sorry lol. :smiley:

I understand. I’m pretty sure everything is correct.

Should I redo the bot tutorial?

Yeh, go really slowly and try listening really hard.

Pretend its your first go ever following a tutorial.

Okay, I might try that soon.

Its kinda funny how my member checker works but not this one lol.

Yeh, you must be making a really silly mistake.

Oof. When I pasted the Website into the thing I was supposed to put it, was there supposed to be a forward slash on the end?

In the tutorial it says, I make it very clear, that after your base url a “/” should be added onto the end.

Oh okay, my bad. Well that’s not the mistake then,