Promotion System

Hello cookie. I create your promotion system and they not working. please help!


Alright, do you have any heroku logs!?

I think everyone has the same problem, @Hayhay tried it a few times and it never worked.

It currently works for me, meaning it should be working if you followed the tutorial correctly right now.

@Boo It works for me! I use it for lots of groups but it just doesn’t work for Coral Coast…

Oh, I thought it didn’t work for any groups. I know HTTPS keep on getting turned off, other then that. That’s weird-

I know right… weird.

About every singe one of my games in coral coast HTTPS got turned off some how. But coral coast hotels was the first one I turned back on.
I think it’s the way it communicates with everything.

even more weirder… confused moment

For my HTTP requests work fine from roblox.

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