Proximity Prompt Issue

I have this script:

local ProximityPrompt = script.Parent.Parent.ProximityPrompt
game.StarterPack.Cup.Handle:WaitForChild("Liquid").Transparency = 0
game.StarterPack.Cup.Handle:WaitForChild("Liquid").Color = Color3.fromRGB(124, 156, 107)

And the color isn’t changing and it is still transparent. There is also no errors in the output. Thanks!

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What type of script is it?

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A normal script. I am making it for a machine.

I believe I made a really similar script before … could it be possible that your script can’t work because there’s nothing in StarterPack? Maybe try putting it (the object) in Workspace and see it if works.

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it works in workspace, so I am confused.

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