PTS System with disable and enable command

!Disable (minimum rank:12)
!Enable (same rank as above)
Allowed to answer: (min. Rank 11)

If it is possible, like patriez Training

And a gui where says PTS Enabled/Disabled

Hey there!

I don’t understand, do you need help with the script or are you giving it to us (which should belong to #tutorial:community-resources)

So, you’re missing your functions first.

These functions should help:

local GroupId = nil
local RequiredRankToAnswer = nil

Cookie said (on YouTube) I needed to make in forums

Then I need more for the script, I can’t script lol.

Do you have your GUI?

Cause then you would add:

local groupID = nil
local RequiredRank = nil
local UI = nil

What gui do I need? Idk what gui you mean.

You’ll need to make one.

Try following a roscripter tutorial, I know he’s already made something on this, to make the disable and enable command you can make a bran new topic.

For that is standed Disabled and Enabled

Hm, not sure what you mean, apologies.

You’ll need to make a UI set for your game, however,

By this I mean, you’ll need the “Someone has submitted a PTS” Frame, and others for the system.

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