Question about my investments (Roblox)

Hey everyone!

Around January/February, I purchased 3 limited items. Instead of selling them, I decided to wait until my birthday, and then sell them, to see how much profit I could make!

I’ve been tracking my RAP on for a while now, and currently, my RAP surged up a lot, more than I expected!

However, in the past few months, my RAP was also sliding. So here is my question; should I sell them in about 3 months, or should I wait longer before selling them?

Since the limited items I own are also winter-related items, I could sell them during the winter months as another option.

Would like to hear yoru suggestions! :heart:

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Winter inflation is a good time to sell.

What made you think of selling them in exactly three months?

My birthday is within the month of June, which is about three months away.

I personally think you should sell 1 of your limiteds in June as a little present for yourself, and just sell the other 2 in December as a little christmas gift to yourself.

Well, wait some weeks for the inflations, check similar ítems to see if they’re also going up. Would you mind sending screenshots of the 3 limiteds you bought, their stadistics?

Sure! Here’s the first item I purchased, along with statistics;

And the second one here;

And, finally, the third one here.

(I would’ve put this all into one post but we won’t know which one is which)

I would personally sell them at winter then due to not many people buying winter items in the middle of summer.

Well it seems it’s going up, wait for it to reach 1200 and sell it. Won’t go higher, tho the 4th March went super high.

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For second one, you should have sold it the 29th when it went up. Wait for it to reach 950+, I’m sure it won’t go more than 1000.

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For third, this following days will go down prob, wait for it to reach 860+ and sell it when you can

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