Question About The Camera Script

Hello again! I’m new at scripting and learning for it.
Now I want to make the script that moving our CFrame to other place after click a button “Play”. Like, since we joined there would has background and play button , I finished this part but I wondered.
Where does this script should be? Because from I learned, The button is GUI right? , And GUI should be in “StarterGUI”, And the script that work for camera is in “StarterPlayerScript”. So do I have to mixed this 2 together or seperate them to “StarterGUI” and “StarterPlayerScript”.

In summary , I want to make camera move to other place after click button. But just want to know where those script should be.

Alrighty, sounds good! :smile:

Do you have any code already?

Yeah. I already have a code about Camera. Here.

And like I said , I dont know how to write the script to move camera to other place after click button and where to put these local script, so I try to make it myself and yeah… It’s not work TwT. Here it is.


The first one is named ‘FirstCamScript’ and the scond one is named ‘LocalScript’


Alright, so have you tried tweening the camera CFRame?

You can integrate all the code into StarterGui, the camera should work inside of a localscript in startergui.

Thank you , although I don’t know what is tweening. But you gave me some clue to go next step. I will learn it.

Here is a video by AlvinBlox that may help:

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