Quiz center not working | Ranking [SOLVED]

Hey! :star2:
I have been having lots of problems with my ranking bot.
It doesn’t seem to want to rank ANYONE.

Please help me.

EDIT: I have tried lots of times to fix it, but it just made it worse.

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Please use the :mag_right: feature to see if anyone already has your results, if not, could we see your Heroku logs?

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My heroku account got banned?? Thats why I can’t do it. The reason is ‘too many pings’

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that is why, you need heroku for the ranking bot it is very essential

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We’re you using the account for other Groups?

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Yup, that’s a good point to make, too many pings means you’ve done something seriously wrong. For example sending a while true do loop to the server will cause issues.


Oop- I accidently typed that in my script…

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You need to be very very careful, something like that could be considered a DOS, roblox will stop sending requests eventually, but now your going to have to change server providers.

Difference between a DoS and a DDos

A denial-of-service (DoS) attack floods a server with traffic, making a website or resource unavailable. A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is a DoS attack that uses multiple computers or machines to flood a targeted resource.


In addition to this you can also try supporting heroku support and state you made a mistake.

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