R6 is gone from the avatar editor

I may be a bit late to the news, but in the avatar editor the option to make your body R6 has been completely removed, this is a big step for roblox as many people expected R6 would have always been there and would be “optional”.

The R6 slider has completely been removed, if roblox removes R6 from games who knows how many bugs and issues this could cause.

What are your opinions on this and do you think roblox needs to change their choice?

I would love to hear your opinion,


Just on confirmation, R6 is the sort of “blocky” rig and R15 is the “slender” rig? If they removed R6, that could affect a lot of things.

To confirm: “blocky” avatars can also be R15

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I really dont like this as I have always enjoyed using the r6 style. Roblox has already seen the response from the community about rthro yet they keep pushing towards it. Typical Roblox

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There has been a recent error within roblox, I tried getting some hair on my avatar yesterday and it said I had to turn R15 in order to do it.

Roblox and errors are becoming a big thing lately. :man_shrugging:

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Oh wow, I can see why that can be an issue.

For example if they save your avatar as:

BodyType = "R6"

And since the slider is gone, how can you change your avatar to R15, roblox should make a patch where all R6 “costumes” automatically are changed to R15.

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Welcome back to another episode of '@David gets mad over Roblox updates’ !

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I hate this update, some older games use R6 animations (and don’t have the time to make it R15 or the user is inactive) and those morph models on the Toolbox use R6 as well to replace the body parts.

I tried to use the Load Character plugin, inserted my username into the box and clicked Spawn R6.

Would like to know what happened next?

It didn’t insert it, even after multiple tries, it would not spawn. This was not lag as before this update inserting characters at R6 rig type was quick. Roblox just deletes any character where the rig type is equal to “R6”.

Thank you roblox for making the game ‘fun’ and ‘the next metaverse’

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I just realized, couldn’t this affect the “erik.cassel” Roblox account in some way? His avatar uses R6.

It doesn’t affect users on the profile.

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Yeh, I think there’s a bug that prevents costumes from changing body type.

In addition the account hasn’t been logged into for a long time.

Roblox probably only refreshes the profile preview when the player loads in online or elsewhere.


Yea, It will stay the same unless you change your avatar I think