Rank bot stopped working

When I tried to get the rank bot to run again it wouldn’t go, It still says 6 when there is 5 members. Is it because I closed off the tab?

I fixed it but it takes quite a long time for it to actually work. Is there a way to fix it?

It won’t take too long, it automatically sleeps after 1 hours of not usage and then wakes up in 15 seconds when its needed.

Also i made a rank management centre

And when i bought the rank and clicked on it again it didn’t rank me.

Is there any way to fix it?

Are you below the rank of the bot.

im the owner of the group

Ohhhhhhh the rank i want to rank them to

Yeh, the bot cant rank ranks above its self.

is the rank of rank bot and also it won’t kick me

Because it didn’t work, it tries multiple times.

is that why in the output it said when i double clicked: Cant find value?

so it tries to kick me but it can’t?

so it didn’t kick me because it couldn’t rank me?

this is my manager script:

local button = script.Parent 
local count = 0 
local threshHold = 2 
local clickTime = 0.5 
local Gamepass_Id = 24619267
local rank_id = 253
local rank_name = "Barista"
script.Parent.Parent.RankName.Text = rank_name
local MarketPlaceService = game:GetService("MarketplaceService")

function Click()
	count += 1 

	if count % threshHold == 0 then
		game.ReplicatedStorage.Requests.ReqRank:FireServer(Gamepass_Id, rank_id)
		if count % threshHold == 1 then
			MarketPlaceService:PromptGamePassPurchase(game.Players.LocalPlayer, Gamepass_Id)

	count -= 1

and my rankingManager script:

local ReplicatedStorage = game.ReplicatedStorage.Requests
local HttpService = game:GetService("HttpService")
local ReqRank = ReplicatedStorage.ReqRank
local url = "https://roblox-ranking-api-fa.herokuapp.com"
local groupId = 12760887

ReqRank.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(plr, Gamepass_Id, role_number)
	if game:GetService("MarketplaceService"):UserOwnsGamePassAsync(plr.UserId, Gamepass_Id) then
		print("User owns gamepass! Now ranking!")
		local url_with_data = url.."?user_name="..plr.Name.."&key=".. APIKEY.."&groupid=" ..groupId.."&role_number="..role_number
		local response = HttpService:GetAsync(url_with_data)
		local data = HttpService:JSONDecode(response)
		if data.status == "The user had their ranked changed" then
			plr:Kick("You were ranked in the group!")
			ReplicatedStorage.InfoOnRank:FireClient("Something went wrong on our end! Try again later, if the issue still persists contact the game owner.")
			print("An error occured.")
   		ReplicatedStorage.InfoOnRank:FireClient("You do not own the gamepass!")

Just don’t worry about this, it will kick you when it needs to kick you, as long as you have edited the correct bits of the script it will be fine.

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