Rank Center not working

Ok, so basically my bot was working very well for the past week, then it just broke completely. I am very confused why it’s not working.


#1 Please edit that image ASAP, as it has your cookie in it.

(I fixed it for you)

Alrighty, to my knowledge this means that the cookie has been denied, out of interest have you accidently been logged into your bot?

  • Logging out of your bot.
  • Being logged on

All causes the bot’s cookie to refresh.

Try getting the cookie & updating, make sure you don’t log in to your bot otherwise that will happen.

I am logged on my bot, but I closed the tab like you said in the video, what else should I do next?

Have you gotten the cookie and updated the “.env” file?

I honestly don’t know anymore, since the cookie was working for a week ago. I also did the “reset” button to reset the program.

Just try updating the cookie, it’s most likely that you were accidently logged into it.

How do I do that? (I’m very new to scripting.)

Try re-doing the tutorial, try from there! :slight_smile:

Ok! Thank you for the help!! I will try it.

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