Rank Management Center issue - Selling incorrect product

Hi! I am trying to make the management center for a friend and I had followed the video to a T. When it came to actually testing out the rank to seeing if it would work, it didn’t show me the message Cookie did when he tested it. It gave me a completely different gamepass called ‘Admin’ which none of my ranks are called. I tried it multiple times with the same problem. I have the gamepass ID in and everything, is there something I didn’t type in correctly? (I am very new to coding, forums and all this jazz, so it could be a very stupidly easy fix, I apologize)

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Hiya & welcome to the forums! :sun_with_face:

Just to get things straight: Your having issues with the product, correct, does the wrong product come up when it’s time to purchase?

Thanks for responding! I put in the gamepass code but the complete wrong gamepass comes up when you go to purchase it. So yes, the wrong product does come up. Complete wrong picture, name and pricing

Are you 100% sure the id your using is a gamepass?

I am sure. I go up to the numbers at the link above on ny gamepass, and it brings up a complete seperate game pass as well

Alright, are you sure your clicking on the right button?

I am clicking on the right button, yes. I clicked on all the others to test and nothing got pulled up

Alright, try re-downloading the centre & then try again, make sure 3rd party sales is not enabled.

This seems to be the gamepass your using, correct?

Yes, that is the gamepass that is supposed to be pulling up but isn’t

Can you make your game public so I can take a look, I’m pretty sure I already know the game that your working on.

Im currently out at the moment but ill open it as soon as i do get home

Alright, it should be public now. In The Closet Role Center - Roblox Here’s the link to the game

Ok, I see the problem your having, have you made sure there are not any whitespaces?

Also instead of a photo can you copy and paste the code here please?

local button = script.Parent 
local count = 0 
local threshHold = 2 
local clickTime = 0.5 
local Gamepass_Id = 54100594
local rank_id = 2
local rank_name = "Straight Ally"
script.Parent.Parent.RankName.Text = rank_name
local MarketPlaceService = game:GetService("MarketplaceService")

function Click()
	count += 1 

	if count % threshHold == 0 then
		game.ReplicatedStorage.Requests.ReqRank:FireServer(Gamepass_Id, rank_id)
		if count % threshHold == 1 then
			MarketPlaceService:PromptGamePassPurchase(game.Players.LocalPlayer, Gamepass_Id)

	count -= 1

 here's the copy and paste

Try with a different gamepass, then see.

It seemed to work for me, but let’s see.

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