Rank management centre not working

My last topic got closed so I had to make a new one.

I still can’t see the issue.

Heroku logs, nothing?

Bot cookie being extracted in incognito?

Also, the last topic link please?

I didn’t do it in incognito.


You need to do it in incognito, and make sure you “Close the browser”, do not log out the bot.

I’ll try it. Thank you.

Hi I tried to use the bot it worked but only once and then when I went to check link I get the 500 internal error, can you please explain what to do, I did the same steps it worked perfectly but once only. (nvm I am stupid it worked)

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Alright, so your issue is now fixed?

Please don’t discuss your topic in my topic, I keep on getting messages about you posting in my topic. Please create a new one.

Alright, since people still can’t fix it, I will be asking you to send me your github link, your group your heroku link and your game files, to me via Dm. @cookie please.

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