Rank Points for CheckMeIn

So, I think what would be really cool is rank points. You probably know CheckMeIn, and when you check someone in, it gives you a point, and I think it would be cool if you get 100 points, it promotes you. Does anyone think this would be a good idea? @Noah

That would sound cool. Especially for groups that are businesses like a Cafe group, hotel group, etc. So that does sound like a good idea.

yeah (20charrrrrrrrrrr)

You can make functions for when someone gains a point. In the function, check if the player has 100 or more points, make it rank them.

I’m asking cookie to maybe make a tutorial on HOW to…

I guess I could make a tutorial similar to that, but first I am going to probably make a check-in system.

Mk! Thank you for replying!