Ranking center not working for me

Hello! I have followed cookies instructions for the ranking center but whenever I buy the rank and double click on it, it does just prompts me to buy it and I did F9 (dev console) and it didn’t show any scripts running.

Please show me heroku logs.

Kk! (Random text for limit)

Just a second. Just getting photos.

There is 401 error. It means something is not correct. Did you setup correctly?

I’m certain that it’s all correct.

This error means that you need to change your cookie, as it is not valid.

Oh thanks! Just one more thing, when I am double clicking on the GUI, it keeps on prompting me to buy it.

Have you purchased the game pass already, is the script inside of the double click button correct?

Also, check that your API Key is right.

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I was using an alt account and gave it 1 robux to test it, and I kept on double clicking and it’ll just prompt me saying you’ve already bought this.

Try re-installing the program, are you double clicking fast enough, do you have a laggy machine?

What do you mean by re install? Like, download the roblox studio map again?

Correct, it could be that you accidentally installed a script.

Oh, alright. I’ll try it after school. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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