Ranking commands are not working!

Everything worked normally when i was working on the ranking commands until I tested the game. It said they had problems promoting when i typed "!promote ". I’ve already checked everything over and over again but it’s still not working, please help!

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So you have checked everything over but not the logs?

I think the ranking system works very well!

heres the logs but i dont really understand it

You need to send me everything in the logs, not something random.

like this?

Yeh, thanks!

Is your cookie correct and is the bot in your group?

By the way, a few days ago AWS was down, could that have some effect on this? I mean, the Cookie Tech ranking center is hosted via AWS.

The cookie keeps changing, you can’t keep putting the correct cookie reference code in every 5 mins.

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Different system, we also have backups for those scenarios.

It doesn’t change, it stays the same if you don’t “Log Out”, if you just close an incognito window, the cookie won’t change.

I have done what the video said, but when I use the command it says, Uh Oh we had a problem promoting the user.

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yes it is in the group but the cookie keeps changing
even tho i logged into the bot to get the cookie in incognito mode but it still changed after i closed the window

Make a new topic, this is soemone elses.

The cookie won’t be changing unless the bot is logged in by someone else.

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