Rate my builds. How are they?


I recently made a hospital and gas station for my new game (with some help from my brother). I made significant improvements today, and I was hoping you can provide some feedback. The hospital interior is incomplete, and images are below:

Ultra Cheetah Gas (UCG) Station, Northdrift County

Volt Hospital, Northdrift County

NOTE: Any content here is subject to change, game is still in alpha.

Thanks for any feedback in advanced!


It’s nice, remember not to go overboard with the neon!

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Also try turning up your roblox studio graphics.

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It’s turned up on my main computer at home … this is basically an “alternative” laptop for travel.


And thanks for your feedback! :innocent:

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I like it! I think you did a good job @OH20_rbLX


its amazing omg yessss

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Mhm! It looks wonderful!

Thanks for your feedback! I updated them a bit :wink:

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:slight_smile: (20 char bnmbnebfghefvkbseghfjv)

No problem! :slightly_smiling_face: (20 char)

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Updated buildings! Take a look below!

Also let me know if you think my in-game lighting is okay!

Nice work! I like it 100/10 (:


Pretty, sweet, did you make that office building?

The office building needs more detail I would say.

You mean the blue and grey building?

Yep, I made all of them. My brother helped plan out the interior.

I mean this one, https://forums.thecookie.dev/uploads/default/original/1X/98fb0fa438a4653b688cfb2ebc3584d159b747bf.jpeg.

Yea, I made that one … it’s a hospital.

The curve was made using the Negtate and Union functions. Probably the hardest building to make.

I think it looks nice, however very plain.

I love the police station!

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Hmm … you’re probably right. Thanks for your feedback!