Rate my GFX that I made for Cookie!

Don’t mind the extra green screen pieces LOL.



Looks cute! The background seems a bit off though.

Thanks! I’m still working on it.

Nice work!

Just I’m looking a bit green?

Green-Screen errors, LOL.

Sir, you were always meant to look green, anyways!

Love it, it looks a bit dark though for the background.

Oreo, you want one? I am better now, learned some experience.

Go onnnn, give the smexy oreo a good pfp

LOL. I’ll make it so you can use it for ur pfp.

Here ya go!

Normal Pic:

Cropped Pic:

smexy humanbeing on it, lmao, tyyy <3
also, how do u make ur backgrounds? they r rlly nice

Photopea, you make some dots, make a red background for example, click Filter and then click Liquidify

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Make the small one ur pfp

Check out a post coming later! :wink:

Your work is amazing!

Thank you! I’d be glad to make you one for free!

That would be amazing! It’s really nice of you to make free GFX for others.

Thank you so much! <3

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What is your roblox username? I’ll start one for you.

My roblox username is xcamzi. : )

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