Rate My Roblox Military UI

Hi cookie tech! I have recently decided to attempt a military themed UI. As you can see, I’ve never done one before, so all feedback and tips are appreciated. Also, if any has any good tutorials on UI scripting, feel free to post them as well!

Seeing it on here, I realize the text is too cramped, and that will be fixed.

This is better, but I know I can improve.

Not bad, however the image is way too stretched out and same goes with the font. Not bad for a first attempt, though.

Thanks for the feedback! The image is just one I took off google, I didn’t make it, and what font?

For the top-bar text labels, I would recommend using a bolder font such as GothamBold or GothamSemiBold.

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Alright, I’ll be sure to try it!

It feels kind off “cheap”, maybe try what @RealOH20 suggested, try changing fonts.

Also big spaces isn’t always a good idea, try spready it out a bit more :butter: !

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Thanks for the feedback! I have ultimately decided to start over and make it in studio. I’m not great at this stuff, so I think I should learn in studio before I attempt photoshop.