Rate my "thing" 2023

Greetings Cookie Tech community!

Welcome to this years “Rate my thing” topic.

If you have something you’d like members of the community to rate. Leave it beneath this post.

You can post anything you would like the community to rate from clothing, GFX’s and UI/UX design all the way to scripts you made or a project you’re working on!

Happy creating!


rate my newest gfx guys :fire: ( i tried using ur marble effect thing on photoshop)

Hmm… It seems VERY blurry on the marble.


The player feels very plastic like and the shading is non existent.

i blurred the marble cuz it looked weird without it, may’ve overdone it

oops forgot shadows, but yeah in the render i lost my background that gives me my shading & life

I basically redid the logo and made it look better.

Also made this

No offense, but the font doesnt feel right…


Ok so I like the cartoony look that you were going for but like @HayHay said. something just doesnt sit right with it. Don’t get me wrong. its a good design and 10/10 on the effort but it just doesnt feel like it would fit


I personally believe the font is the thing that makes it feel “off”, also the chocolate seems too “perfect”.

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I mean the current one looks like a 5 year old made it

Does it? I could say the same about the roblox logo, the shell logo, the nike logo, the McDonalds logo, the target logo, they could all easily be drawn by a 5 year old. Doesn’t mean it’s done by a 5 year old.


I never said the current one is bad, I think it just needs redoing in my opinion

I edited my response.


Ok. So this isnt really “my” thing BUT has anyone had any experience with JSM? Can you RATE it for me?

JSM is overall pretty good. SCO V3 is releasing soon right now if you want cash payments and more go with DRS but currently those two companies are not getting on. But yes JSM is alright.

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I believe there are a few games with JSM installed: (2) DRS, JSM & more Testing - Roblox

I have checked those out. Does anyone have an opnion (DRS vs JSM)?

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Upgraded my website: Cookie (thecookie.dev)


Personally I really like the bounce I added.

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