Rate your group! - 2022

Hey guys! I just had the bright idea to make this post.


Group Link:

Group Discord (if released):

Group Logo (if ready):

Thank you! Make sure to give constructive criticism.

Please give the people that take time out of their day to post on this topic respect (well give everyone respect!) But, don’t be rude about Anything!

Please refrain from trolling/disrespecting others here.

Thank you!

Group Link: Frappé® - Roblox

Group Discord): discord.gg/frappe

Group Logo:

this is an example!

Group Link: Astronaut Cafe - Roblox

Group Trello: Trello

Group Logo:

Nice! Amazing logo :slight_smile:

Thank you!! Can you send yours? I would love to see it!!

Mine is actually temporary.

Group Link: InfiniteX Studios - Roblox

Group Logo:

Png (1)

Nice! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Not really active in the group, but my games are usually created under this group.

i am making a studio group too!!

Group Link: Sunset Lodge Corporation - Roblox

Group Discord (if released): Sunset Lodge

Group Logo (if ready):

I’m gonna get a new one

Group Link: Bayview Aquarium

Group Discord (if released): Deleted

Group Logo (if ready):

(Maybe: Returning to moss bakery)

Hey - make sure you categorize your posts properly.
I’ve gone ahead and changed the category to #general for you.

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